1.- Previous considerations

The present lawful conditions regulate the legal use allowed of this web page, which legal person in charge is Mª Isabel Álvarez Delgado with nif 45051711R and address in C/ Diputación nº 8 29780 Nerja, Málaga. These general conditions regulate the access and utilization that the holder of the web puts free at the disposal of the Internet user. The access to the same one implies his acceptance without reservations. The mere use of the web, as well as to request information or to issue an order, supposes the full acceptance of the present conditions.

2.- Use of the Web page

The User binds to use the web, the Services and the Contents of diligent, correct and lawful and, form especially, it promises to abstain of: to suppress, to elude or to manipulate the “copyright” and other information identificativos of the rights of his holders incorporated into the Contents, as well as the technical devices of protection, or any mechanisms of information that will be able to contain the Contents.

3.- Intellectual and industrial property

The texts, images, logos, distinctive signs, sounds, animations, videoes, source code and rest of contents included in this web are property of Manos, or he has in his case, of the right of use and exploitation of the same ones, and to this respect they are raised as works protected by the in force legislation of intellectual and industrial property. Any transmission, distribution, reproduction or storage, total or partial, of the contents stored in this web, remains expressly prohibited except previous and express assent of the holder. Nevertheless, the users will be able to carry out the reproduction or storage of the contents of the web for his exclusive personal use, remaining express and finally prohibited the reproduction of elements or contents of this web, realized with spirit of profit or commercial ends.

4.- Responsibility for connect

The company responsible for the web page, it declines any responsibility for the services and / or information that lends in other pages connected with this Web. In case of links to sites of third parties, the user will happen to be governed by the Terms of Use and Politics of Privacy of the new web site. Manos it cannot check of permanent and continued form the legality of the contents of the connected web sites, for what in case the user detects illicit contents in the above mentioned web sites, we request him us make it know in order that we proceed to the immediate retreat of the link and, in his case, let’s denounce the illicit contents.

5.- Exclusion of responsibility.

Manos it is not played the role responsible for the losses or prejudices that a fallen temporary employee of the service could cause to the User or Visitor for reasons foreign to Manos, as well as it will not be responsible for problems arisen by the lack of interactivity between the users or visitors in these situations either. Manos it is freed from any derivative responsibility of:

The interruptions in the normal functioning of the web site derived from reasons of major force, as well as reasons not attributable to Hands and that provoke that the web service is not operative totally or partially. The use not authorized by third parties of the User’s name and key of access of our clients for lack of diligence in the custody on the part of the same ones. The use of incorrect or false information on the part of our clients, there being included the mistakes that our clients could have committed at the moment of giving him of discharge and the derivatives of not update of the information on the part of the client.

6.- Quiet information.

It is possible to visit this web site without need to facilitate no information of personal character, nevertheless there exist diverse options of record, consultations or forms of order where there is gathered information of personal character. Manos only he gathers the personal information that turn out to be necessary to manage the orders, to attend to his doubts or consultations.

El titular de este sitio web y por tanto de los ficheros con datos de carácter personal en los que se incluirán los datos recogidos y tratados desde esta página web es la entidad Manos, con domicilio de contacto sito en C/ Pintada, 8 C.P. 29780 Nerja, Málaga, teléfono 952 52 11 37 y dirección de email

7.- Utilization and purpose of the quiet information.

In there is gathered information of personal character by the following purposes: Record and management Users: All the information that provides us in the form of record, is in use for the management of the users of the web page. Manos it will not admit attempts of false records or that should supplant the persons’ identity or companies, the supply of false information in the form of record will involve the automatic fall of the user. Manos it saves itself the right to check the information facilitated by the user by means of telephonic checking.

Sales order management: When he acquires a product in our shop online, the information that it facilitates to us will be used to proceed, to send and to invoice the acquired products. Only we will report to the company of transport and logistic the information necessary the products to send him. To be able to realize orders in the Shop online, every client will provide, of voluntary form and under his responsibility, his information of personal character, which will have to be veracious and exact. The user who formalizes the process of on-line purchase, declares to be the holder of the facilitated information, or in his fault, to rely on authorization and the person in whose name should realize the management.

The user only will be able to contract and to realize orders if it is major of age. In opposite case, the responsibility for the acquisition of products on the part of minors will be chargeable to the parents or legal tutors of the minor. To answer Consultations: The personal information that it provides to us across the forms of consultations of products or they will be used to answer the doubts and formulated consultations.

The user promises to use this service of conformity with the law, the present conditions, as well as with the mulberry tree and good generally accepted customs and the public order. Especially, and to merely indicative and not exhaustive title, the user promises not to publish contents that:

a. Induce, incite or promote criminal actions, denigratorias, slanderous, violent or, in general, you contradict to the law, to the mulberry tree and good generally accepted customs or to the public order;

b. Incorporate criminal, violent, pornographic, degrading messages or, in general, opposite to the law, to the mulberry tree and good generally accepted customs or to the public order;

c. Induce or could induce to an unacceptable condition of anxiety or dread;

d. Be false, ambiguous, inaccurate, exagerate or untimely, so that they could induce to mistake on his object or on the intentions or intentions of the communicant;

e. They are protected by any rights of intellectual or industrial property belonging to third parties, without the user has obtained before of his holders the necessary authorization to carry out the use that it effects or tries to effect;

f. Violate the managerial secrets of third parties;

g. Be opposite to the right to the honor, to the personal and familiar intimacy or to the own image of the persons;

h. Infringe the regulation on secret of the communications;

i. Constitute an illicit, deceitful or disloyal and, advertising in general, that constitute a disloyal competition; The comments overturned by the users will be able to be published in an automatic way. Manos he will guard over the correct use of the present web site, and will eliminate any content opposite to the regulation in all that it has effective knowledge of illicit uses. Nevertheless, the user will be the person in charge of the contents that it includes.

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